Sustainable by conviction.

Maintaining a sustainable company strategy is no longer just an optional bonus point. Addressing and implementing sustainable strategies is particularly important to us and runs like a thread through our corporate philosophy.

Our core capabilities do not only comprise the use of exclusive food, but also the comprehensive management, conception and organization of events. And by respecting certain principles, we can contribute tremendously to a more sustainable behaviour in these areas.

As an event caterer, we find ourselves in the fortunate position to address not only a wide audience, but also our partners, suppliers and employees, and ultimately sensitize them for a more sustainable use of resources.

Sustainability at conferences & events

Our aim is not only to bequeath an ecologically intact structure to our future generations. Our responsibility also lies in a prudent personnel management and an open corporate culture towards disadvantaged social groups.

A fair and equitable personnel structure is part of our success: Traditionally, we fill our management positions with an above-average ratio of women, and our team of more than 20 nationalities ensures a refreshing human and cultural diversity. We therefore proudly support the "Charta of Diversity" to show the appropriate promotion and appreciation towards all our employees.

As a committed and future-oriented company, we also support other programs and initiatives that underline our identity. This includes labelling our products with the ecological “BIO” seal, qualifying for the employers' award "Top Job", and repeatedly achieving the "Green Globe" certification for our sustainable and fair corporate strategy.

You can talk –
or let your actions speak.

Local strength

Using and encouraging
regional expertise

Despite our love towards the extraordinary: When it comes to logistics, transparency and an authentic food quality, we wholeheartedly build on regional expertise.

Lehrieder "Naturliebe Küche"

The "Naturliebe Küche" (=nature loving kitchen) combines the various components of sustainable catering: regionality, seasonality, products from controlled organic cultivation, Fairtrade products, vegetarian and vegan dishes. The sustainable buffet concept also means the serving of smaller quantities on the plates, which helps to reduce food waste.

Short distance

The advantages of regional products are obvious: Short and direct transport routes directly from the producer guarantee freshness and the highest food quality. At the same time, cost- and energy-consuming intermediate storage can be avoided.

High transparency

Regionally sourced seasonal food implies a high degree of transparency and identification. Furthermore, the use of local products also supports resident farms and agricultural holdings.

Regional partners

Our salad and vegetable products from self-cultivation are delivered by Hans Hofmann Gemüsebau. The company Krug provides us with vegetables and fruits, with detectable regional origin and organic certification. The butchery Kraft supplies us with pork from local farms as well as beef from German, preferably regional, origin. Beer specialties are delivered by the Tucher brewery in Fürth – and our wines are cultivated at the Franconian vineyard Castell.

Sustainable conduct

Efficiency as a standard

Efficient lighting

We use modern lighting technologies such as lasers or LED and can adjust the necessary emissions by using dynamic light control systems. Most of our used energy derives from renewable sources.

Efficient transportation

In support of high-powered logistics, we pay great attention to short and efficient routs and use re-useable transport boxes only. The use of our vehicles is adjusted to the actual transport volume and is carried out by using the most effective utilization of the available loading space.

Efficient use of material

We progressively use dishes and utensils made from renewable, biodegradable raw materials such as bamboo, wood and palm leaves. The recyclable organic waste after an event is fed into a biogas plant, and the remaining waste is consequently separated by plastic, glass, metal and paper.

For the environment

Paving the way for a better future


Since 2018, we support a project called “Beefuture”. Bee colonies die worldwide. Solely in Germany, more than 50% of all bees already disappeared. It has been proven scientifically, that bees have an enormous impact on our environment as well as on the population. Therefore, we help the bee from the threat of decline and owe five bee colonies.

Climate neutrality

Since the end of the ice age, the climate change is the biggest challenge the humanity has to face. Therefore, we decided to have our greenhouse gas emissions recorded and to get them balanced out by various climate protection projects since 2018.

If you as a company would like to make your event climate neutral, we will be happy to support you in this. We can determine the footprint of your event together with you and through compensation with climate protection certificates, your event becomes climate neutral.

Supporter of the Development and Climate Alliance

Since 2019, are supporting the Foundation Development and Climate Alliance. The Development and Climate Alliance has linked development cooperation with international climate protection by providing a platform for voluntary greenhouse gas offsetting projects which work towards the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In effect, the Alliance mobilises additional funds for the financing of important development and climate protection projects in developing countries and emerging economies.

Green Meetings & Events

Any event strains the environment in different ways. Thus, we would like to inform you about important aspects such as energy efficiency, emission reduction or climate neutrality, and work out eco-friendly concepts for our customers.

Following our "Green Globe" qualification as a sustainable company, we also offer environment-friendly event catering in the form of "Green Meetings" since 2011. The goal is to emphasize and actively live the awareness of sustainable behaviour in the catering and event industry, and to promote it through sustainable strategies. Attending a green meeting does not imply to abstain from taste, fun or entertainment – it rather offers the opportunity to enjoy an event with a clear conscience and a sense of responsibility.

With our expertise as a premium provider, we want to assist our customers in the planning, organization and implementation of sustainable events. Talk to us – we are happy to help!


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